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’75 RD350B update: beginnings of an R6 Front end conversion

There’s a veritable tonne of lug converters for cars and trucks but there’s practically none for Motor bikes and for good reason. Motorbikes tend to have a very limited amount of room in between swing arms and forks, in fact, there’s basically no room at all to insert a spacer/converter. This of course isn’t the […]

’75 RD350B update: knock off parts

I picked up a pair of levers for my FZ6N a few months back, a pair of CNC’d aluminium levers which I believe are a knock off of some Pazzo levers. They cost me a grand total of 30-35USD delivered. They were a huge improvement from stock levers – unbelievable improvement. I got a pair […]

’75 RD350B update: Clip-ons

A good set of bars are a must for any bike and my current bars are in a terrible state, especially the levers and controls on them… it’s also a great excuse to dump them and grab myself some clip-ons! As such I’ve been hunting around for some good clip-ons and I think I’ve found […]