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’75 RD350B update: Clip-ons

A good set of bars are a must for any bike and my current bars are in a terrible state, especially the levers and controls on them… it’s also a great excuse to dump them and grab myself some clip-ons!

'75 Yamaha RD350B controls - needs a little love...

’75 Yamaha RD350B controls – needs a little love…

As such I’ve been hunting around for some good clip-ons and I think I’ve found a pair as good as they get – I’m yet to order them… but once I do, I’ll let you know if they’re the business.

Anyway the clip-ons I’ve found are made by Tarozzi and are available from Fast from the past – the specific ones I’m looking at are Low Rise (40mm in rise) for 34mm forks and go for $129 USD. Not a bad price for what look to be the best clip-ons … that I have found so far.

Tarrozi: Clip-on Low Rise Handlebars 34mm 40mm Height

Tarrozi: Clip-on Low Rise Handlebars 34mm 40mm Height

I’ll probably order a pair this week… unless I find something shinier…

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  1. I just thought I’d follow up on this post with a comment.

    These clip-ons are really quite nice, very pleased with them.

    Unfortunately, I wont be using them as I’ve decided to upgrade my forks (to a larger diameter set) recently.

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