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’75 RD350B update: knock off parts » Pazzo levers

Knock off Pazo Brake and Clutch Master Cylinder Kit Set

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  1. Isiah Booth said:

    How did these hold up to everyday wear and tear? I know they’re from china and have heard mixed reviews about their quality, but have yet to find anyone that has used them extensively.

    • I’m certainly no stranger to cheap Chinese parts – generally speaking you get what you pay for… not always tho, sometimes you’re just paying for brand name.

      Cheap parts with cheap as @#$% anodizing that fades well before it should… is what you end up with quite a bit when buying cheap. These however, I tend to think they’re quite good for the price, I mean it’s not going to be quite as smooth or sexy but they’re levers and personally I’d rather spend my money on some other custom parts.

      I’ve had the 2wheels levers on my FZ6 for around a year and they’re yet to fade or have any issues… well the red is a bit of a fail in terms of redness but that’s much like many other things anodized in red. It’s more of a pinkish faded affair – that’s from the outset tho. It’s kind of hard to tell if that’s faded any perceivable degree – it’s possible however.

      The other random Chinese knock off bar end mirrors I purchased from an unrelated store have faded from black to an off-brownish colour in the same time. The same goes for a billet petrol cap and mounting I put on a little while after… faded into that lovely shade of horrible brown :S My bike never even sits in the sun…

      The levers may fade in the future but so far no sign of any wear or really any issues to complain of.

      I’ve actually gone and bought another couple of pairs, for other bikes in the meantime.

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