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’75 RD350B update: Reproduction brake caliper

Spent some time scrounging for some second hand parts tonight by trawling the usual places (eBay/forums/Google/etc) and one of my searches was for RD350B brake calipers… well just one, the rears a drum brake (which doesn’t work as of yet mind you).

When I say the bikes a rolling chassis, that’s essentially all it can do! It doesn’t even stop 😉

Anyway thanks to CMS ( I was able to find the relevant part number: 306258100A
It also gave me the RRP for the little sucker – € 561.50 – are you serious? Ouch. Thankfully they’ve probably been out of stock for 10-15 years so I’m unable to do anything verging on the ludicrous.  I’ll be curious if any NOS (new old stock) show up on eBay… not that I’d buy one even if it did.
Anyway after failing to find ANY calipers of any quantity available for RD350’s I tried looking at RD250’s … and found this:
Yamaha RD 250 350 XS 650 New Reproduction Brake Caliper
Searching eBay for the term “Yamaha RD New Reproduction Brake Caliper” should bring up only the one result from a seller called: doxydoglover
Apparently a doxie is a Dachhund… or as I know them, a Sausage dog… either way the new reproduction callipers should set you back about $140USD plus shipping – so all in all a new Caliper shouldn’t set you back more than $200USD shipped.
I’d probably try to salvage mine, they are ridiculously simple devices, once you’ve pulled one apart the first time… but my rolling chassis didn’t come with one sadly. 
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