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Half a Harley – yet god damned beautiful

I’m not usually a fan of Harley’s for one reason or another, well, not all of them at any rate. Still, what Goldammer have created here with half a Harley engine, sweat blood and tears is pure beauty, make no doubt about it. Goldmember (the bikes name) has some performance to back those looks up too! 263.9KM/H (164MPH) at Bonneville […]

Stolen – SYDNEY – Yamaha AG100/RX125

A Sydney-sider by the name of Laurence has had his beautifully done up cafe racer AG100/RX125 stolen from his home and is looking for help to locate his baby. Not being in Sydney I cannot do much but pass the word along to you readers and maybe drool a little bit at the beauty of […]

’82 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

White is definitely one of the colours I have been musing with regards to my RD350… Here’s a somewhat tasty ’82 CB750F in white.   1982 Honda CB750F Source: Benjie’s Cafe Racers