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About OD

Mission statement

Organ Donor is an archive for random Motor Cycle information that shouldn’t be allowed to die and a general motoring blog.

We aim to preserve any and all information, guides and tutorials on bikes that we can get permission to do so.

We are a non-profit website run for the love of motor cycles and freedom.

Have some content that you’d like to share with the world – please let us know!

Contacting OD

Either fill out the form below or comment on any of our pages or content and we will endeavour to get back to you in a timely fashion!



We currently do not run any advertising or ask for money in any shape or form. Information should be free.

Some of our content providers may disagree, they may write content for a living – fair enough, if some banner adverts provide you and I with information for free, who are we to disagree. We respect content owners copyright and their rights to do what they will with their content. As such externally sourced articles may contain some advertising, please see below.

Externally sourced articles/content

Some content within our “Mechanic” it yourself section may contain advertising, this is a result of restrictions placed on this content by authors.
None of this advertising benefits Organ Donor in any way. It does go straight to the authors however – please help support the creators of this content.

Copyright & privacy policy

We don’t sell your data, heck we don’t actively collect it, let alone share it with third parties.

We don’t even give it away for free.

We will post user generated content, assuming the user has granted us permission to do so and only in a situation we believe that the user is either the owner of said content or the information itself is in public domain or similar.

If you believe we have posted something that shouldn’t be on our site, please let us know.

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