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“Mechanic” it yourself

What is M.I.Y.?

The “Mechanic” it yourself section is a repository of guides, tutorials and resources aimed at promoting you to do the work yourself.

Additionally this section is an (approved) mirror of content that is available from other sources (be they on the internet or otherwise) with the aim of ensuring good information remains accessible to all for now and the future.


LED Lighting for 6 volt vehicles

Content ownership

Organ Donor does not own or claim to own any content within this section unless otherwise specified, each article contains it’s own usage terms and references at the top of the article.
For more information regarding the content please contact the author if available.

Advertising on an article

Some content within this section may contain advertising, this is a result of restrictions placed on this content by authors. None of this advertising benefits Organ Donor in any way. It does go straight to the authors however – please help support the creators of this content.

For more information on advertising and other related information please see About OD.

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