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Dyna S Ignition for DS7, RD250, R5, RD350

Stumbled onto this tonight…

“No more points for your classic RD!!!
Quick, Easy installation… easier than changing a set of points!!
No modifications to the wiring harness, charging system, etc.
Works with stock coils, or aftermarket coils made to use with points.
Timing stays set where you put it and NO MORE gapping points!!”

I’ve seen a lot of builds where the points look somewhat weathered … in fact mine have seen better days. They work but for how much longer? Hopefully a lot longer, spares just aren’t that readily available.

If they ever die I wonder if the Dyna S Ignition would be a good path to do down… it’s hard to justify $300USD on something like this however… I think I’d rather scrounge for spares. I am in the good position of not having the RD as my daily ride tho.

Certainly an interesting option however.

For more info and possible purchase head over here Dyna S Ignition for DS7, RD250, R5, RD350


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Comments on: "Dyna S Ignition for DS7, RD250, R5, RD350" (2)

  1. Thanks for the plug!! The project looks great!! If you or your readers have any questions about our products let me know!!

  2. I don’t think I have any/many readers yet, still in the stages of setting the site up 😀

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