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Motorcycle data

I’m not the worlds greatest mechanic, in fact I’m about as far from it as one could get. As such I’m constantly on the hunt for information to answer my every stupid question and I stumbled upon some interesting lists that have been published on various forums, I’ve backtracked the creation of said content to […]

Stolen – SYDNEY – Yamaha AG100/RX125

A Sydney-sider by the name of Laurence has had his beautifully done up cafe racer AG100/RX125 stolen from his home and is looking for help to locate his baby. Not being in Sydney I cannot do much but pass the word along to you readers and maybe drool a little bit at the beauty of […]

Diesel 2 smoker and DIY 6 Volt LED system guide addition

I’ll be honest… I’d never even heard of a diesel motorbike let alone a diesel 2 stroke but in my quest for 6 Volt LED information I stumbled upon The Pigeons Nest which houses both: MZ TS250/1 Supa 5 – Anyone know of anything similar running about in Australia? LED lighting for 6V vehicles – hope this helps someone sort 6V […]

New server up and running…

New server is up and running, should have all the data across tonight (minus comments) Now it is just a waiting game for the DNS to update and I’ll be forging ahead once more. Edit: and there’s some CSS issues and a few minor things to tidy up but all in all everything looks to […]

Downtime… moving to a new host.

Just a quick update to rant about 2-3 weeks or so of near complete downtime on DreamHost. My site/s were completely inaccesseble during this time, site came back up a week ago or so… but the install of WordPress wouldn’t let me log in. There were some serious issues – I have just patched it […]

Dyna S Ignition for DS7, RD250, R5, RD350

Stumbled onto this tonight… “No more points for your classic RD!!! Quick, Easy installation… easier than changing a set of points!! No modifications to the wiring harness, charging system, etc. Works with stock coils, or aftermarket coils made to use with points. Timing stays set where you put it and NO MORE gapping points!!” I’ve […]

’75 RD350B update: The beginning of prototyping design ideas

Not a very big start to concept design but a start none the less. One of my workmates is currently building his third 3D printer, that prints PLA and ABS plastic but it is limited to objects of 20x20x20 cm – somewhat too small for my plans to build my own Cafe Racer Seat… unless […]

’75 RD350B update: Reproduction brake caliper

Spent some time scrounging for some second hand parts tonight by trawling the usual places (eBay/forums/Google/etc) and one of my searches was for RD350B brake calipers… well just one, the rears a drum brake (which doesn’t work as of yet mind you). When I say the bikes a rolling chassis, that’s essentially all it can […]

’75 RD350 update: The donor

Went on a north western adventure on Saturday afternoon to get a new engine for the RD. The donor? A sprint car. She’s clearly had an interesting life… flogged half to death? Quite probably. I’d have loved to have taken the sprint car for a spin, sadly she needed quite a bit of work… On […]