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Diesel 2 smoker and DIY 6 Volt LED system guide addition

I’ll be honest… I’d never even heard of a diesel motorbike let alone a diesel 2 stroke but in my quest for 6 Volt LED information I stumbled upon The Pigeons Nest which houses both:

Pigeon has graciously let me mirror the LED lighting information – you can find it in the restoration & creation tutorials menu up the top. I’d link you across to it but I’m still moving navigation about and things may move about in the next week or so as I settle on where I want things located.

Check out Pigeons site, has quite a bit of interesting things about the MZ’s including a simple optical ignition trigger for 6 volt MZs  – it may be simple but I wouldn’t have known where to start with regards to something like that!

Here’s a pic of Pigeons bike (looks pretty damned cool):

Thanks for letting us mirror your content Pigeon!

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