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Diesel 2 smoker and DIY 6 Volt LED system guide addition

I’ll be honest… I’d never even heard of a diesel motorbike let alone a diesel 2 stroke but in my quest for 6 Volt LED information I stumbled upon The Pigeons Nest which houses both: MZ TS250/1 Supa 5 – Anyone know of anything similar running about in Australia? LED lighting for 6V vehicles – hope this helps someone sort 6V […]

New server up and running…

New server is up and running, should have all the data across tonight (minus comments) Now it is just a waiting game for the DNS to update and I’ll be forging ahead once more. Edit: and there’s some CSS issues and a few minor things to tidy up but all in all everything looks to […]

Downtime… moving to a new host.

Just a quick update to rant about 2-3 weeks or so of near complete downtime on DreamHost. My site/s were completely inaccesseble during this time, site came back up a week ago or so… but the install of WordPress wouldn’t let me log in. There were some serious issues – I have just patched it […]

Setting up

Hi there, I’m in the process of setting things up… as tempted as I am to post an animated gif of a little man digging a hole… I will digress. I should have things up and running soon tho 🙂 Just filling out some basic content on the other pages, as time permits I will […]