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Motorcycle data

I’m not the worlds greatest mechanic, in fact I’m about as far from it as one could get. As such I’m constantly on the hunt for information to answer my every stupid question and I stumbled upon some interesting lists that have been published on various forums, I’ve backtracked the creation of said content to […]

New server up and running…

New server is up and running, should have all the data across tonight (minus comments) Now it is just a waiting game for the DNS to update and I’ll be forging ahead once more. Edit: and there’s some CSS issues and a few minor things to tidy up but all in all everything looks to […]

Downtime… moving to a new host.

Just a quick update to rant about 2-3 weeks or so of near complete downtime on DreamHost. My site/s were completely inaccesseble during this time, site came back up a week ago or so… but the install of WordPress wouldn’t let me log in. There were some serious issues – I have just patched it […]