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’75 RD350B update: knock off parts

I picked up a pair of levers for my FZ6N a few months back, a pair of CNC’d aluminium levers which I believe are a knock off of some Pazzo levers. They cost me a grand total of 30-35USD delivered. They were a huge improvement from stock levers – unbelievable improvement.

I got a pair of shorty ones – in the 6 months or so I’ve been using them, I’ve had zero complaints. I’ve seen a lot of forum posts about people “not willing to risk it” – not really sure what the risk is myself. They’re CNC aluminium levers with no brand name costs associated. God knows they’re probably manufactured in the same factory as the real deal.

Even if they aren’t, they seem to be built solidly enough, it’s not as tho they’re plastic or something absurd.

I decided to purchase the same things for my RD since they’ve been so decent… found what appears to be the same/similar knock off, for a lot more but also included a master cylinder and the associated bits that bolt everything to your bars and give you somewhere to perch your mirrors for a little over $110USD. Not too shabby.

I just happened to have a Rizoma master Cylinder I was going to use on the FZ6N but decided not to… as such it will now be servicing the front brake of the RD350.

If I had a chance to reconsider that expensive purchase, I’d consider dumping the Rizoma for a generic CNC’d aluminium master cylinder from someone like the2wheels… they look fairly similar for all intensive purposes and I’m sure they work just as well. In fact I might do just that for the rear brake, assuming I continue with my plan to remove the drum brake and go with a rear disc brake.

Do I feel bad not buying the real deal? I’m not sure I can afford to!

You can pick up the Pazzo knock offs on eBay or at the the2wheels site. Free delivery… I wonder sometimes how our local businesses can compete with this insanity. It’s no wonder we do so little manufacturing. Hoping to learn how to do a little “home-brew” manufacturing (of sorts) of my own for the RD down the line. More on this later 😉

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